Monday, 30 May 2016

Our French Life: Summer days at last

Our French Life: Summer days at last: Hello dear Readers, The French summer has arrived and my old bones are very grateful, the spring seemed to go on forever and we have worke...

Summer days at last

Hello dear Readers,

The French summer has arrived and my old bones are very grateful, the spring seemed to go on forever and we have worked so hard to get  "Le Spa" up and functional John putting so much into it even when his body told him to rest, there never seems to be enough hours in the day since we have retired as we always have a project on the go.

But here it is, there are still a few tweeks to do to finish it and you know me I will have to put my mark on it, it is warming up nicely ready for us to get in and soothe our old bones.

If any of you want to pop round and get some bubbles feel free, we could have a party  🎉....

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Bird in the hand

Hello dear reader's

Yes a bird in the hand is definitely worth two in the Bush, I have always been thrifty, I have to be especially now we are pensioners, but just lately I have been a bit lax and sometimes I get carried away when food shopping (we do love our food) and I do like to have plenty in the cupboards.
I have been following a blog called Frugal Queen, I will link her blog below,  she has brought me back to reality, got me back on the straight and narrow if you like, you will see why when you read her blog, don't miss it.
It is amazing how much money and time you will save by cooking two meals, one for now one for the freezer, it also gives you a cook free evening every now and then, another item I freeze is pancakes, I make twice as much batter cook them all up, eat some freeze some, voila.
here is the link Click here

When you have a meal from the freezer all you have to do is make the salad 😆

thanks for reading, I will look forward to your comments, let me know how you are thrifty.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Bank Holidays

Hello dear blog Friends,

Well here in France it is another bank holiday ( May is full of them) this one is Pentecoste, I think that is how the French spell it.
I used to love it when I was working and there was a UK bank holiday that they didn't have it here, it meant that I had the day off and the shops were still open, now I am retired it doesn't make any difference, everyday is a holiday they tell me, let me tell you it doesn't feel like it, I really don't know when I found time to work, there are not enough hours in the day to do everything - Housework, gardening, washing, ironing to mention just a few, I have been retired 3 years now and it has taken me this long to get organised, sort of, I have a long way to go but I am getting there and it is rubbing off on John too as he has been tidier that is for sure.
I now have a planner that has things like a TO DO LIST which I follow for my daily chores and a WEEKLY TO DO which has a different job on for each day of the week and finally a MONTHLY TO DO I must admit so far it is working and I can't tell you how much more able I feel when the work is done, I don't always stick to it and I sometimes swap them around especially when I need to be in the garden or we decide to take a day out for retail therapy but at least the house is tidy and clean if anyone calls unexpectedly.
This is what we have been doing today.

The top one was John's project for today, although he did give me a lot of help, the bottom one was mine, it was full of weeds and now is weed free and covered in bark in the hope it will keep the weeds down, the two tall shrubs were huge with branches down to the ground, they have been cut down as they were going over the fence into our neighbours.

Needless to say we are both knackered and in need of a drink of wine, medicinal of course.

Don't forget to leave a comment and do let me know what you did at the weekend x

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Healthy living

A cyber friend made me think about our health and the health service here in France, I am type 2 diabetic after being diagnosed here 5 years ago.
Things happen very quickly and there is no waiting for appointments, as soon as a blood test confirmed it I was whisked off to hospital where it was soon brought under control, I now have a blood test every 3 months to make sure it stays under control, I also have a yearly eye examination to make sure there is no glaucoma, I also have problems with blood clots and heart arrhythmia  I can get an appointment the next day to see any consultant and all covered by my Carte Vitale, John has since been diagnosed with pre diabetes and has received the same wonderful service.


So all in all we are very fortunate to be here in this wonderful country under such a wonderful health service

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Well the weather has certainly  changed here in our little bit of heaven in France in fact it is feeling quite like summer is arriving and about time too..
Saturday we spent a wonderful afternoon with our dear friends Sue and John and Valerie and John plus we re kindled an old friendship with a couple we knew some years before only to find out they lived in our very own village.

Sunday we were planning on having a quite day when more dear friend's  turned up bringing these beautiful flowers for our wedding anniversary which was the next day and so the Sunday lunch was added to and a lovely impromptu meal was had sat in the garden, thank goodness I had frozen a rhubarb crumble and we were able to have dessert too.

Monday morning (our wedding anniversary) was spent at the doctors for our 3 monthly check and prescriptions, plus a trip to the lab for a water sample analysis for me, looks like I have a kidney infection which is a side effect of my diabetes, that all done we thought we would treat ourselves to a Chinese buffet meal, we drove there looking forward to it only to find they were shut. Bummer.

We then decided to purchase something that required ID so as the purchase was for me I produced my French driving licence which would have been good enough except that my driving licence is in my maiden name which I questioned at the time but was told it was normal, the cheque book is in our married name so was no good, luckily John was there and used his and all was well, .we used to carry our passports but stopped doing that once we had the driving licence but now I think we must do so again.

Please take a look àt a cyber friends blog, it is called an accidental blog,  very interesting blogger  Click here