Monday, 16 May 2016

Bank Holidays

Hello dear blog Friends,

Well here in France it is another bank holiday ( May is full of them) this one is Pentecoste, I think that is how the French spell it.
I used to love it when I was working and there was a UK bank holiday that they didn't have it here, it meant that I had the day off and the shops were still open, now I am retired it doesn't make any difference, everyday is a holiday they tell me, let me tell you it doesn't feel like it, I really don't know when I found time to work, there are not enough hours in the day to do everything - Housework, gardening, washing, ironing to mention just a few, I have been retired 3 years now and it has taken me this long to get organised, sort of, I have a long way to go but I am getting there and it is rubbing off on John too as he has been tidier that is for sure.
I now have a planner that has things like a TO DO LIST which I follow for my daily chores and a WEEKLY TO DO which has a different job on for each day of the week and finally a MONTHLY TO DO I must admit so far it is working and I can't tell you how much more able I feel when the work is done, I don't always stick to it and I sometimes swap them around especially when I need to be in the garden or we decide to take a day out for retail therapy but at least the house is tidy and clean if anyone calls unexpectedly.
This is what we have been doing today.

The top one was John's project for today, although he did give me a lot of help, the bottom one was mine, it was full of weeds and now is weed free and covered in bark in the hope it will keep the weeds down, the two tall shrubs were huge with branches down to the ground, they have been cut down as they were going over the fence into our neighbours.

Needless to say we are both knackered and in need of a drink of wine, medicinal of course.

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  1. Kathy QuinnellMonday, 16 May, 2016

    Garden looks lovely Roz �� I love the idea of the planner but seem to dip in and out of lots of things at the same time at the minute, and never achieve anything! Maybe once all the children are a school properly i'll have more time..... Lovely to hear how you're doing, lots of love to you and John xx

  2. Honey, #1 thing to change: STOP IRONING. Life is too short. If wrinkles are OK for our faces, they are OK for our clothes. What do you iron? I refuse to iron my husband's shirts, because he irons better than I do. And has more time. So I iron only a few dress shirts and, very rarely, a dress or pants. This takes minutes per month. Two so far for May.
    In French, it's Pentecôte. They use the circumflex, aka chapeau, in a lot of words where the "s" has dropped out--hospital is hôpital, forest is fôret, etc. But that's OK because finding the darned accents isn't easy if you have a qwerty keyboard. I have a little chart taped to my screen with the keystrokes for different accents.
    Personally, I hate the holidays. I should have worked today, but instead I had dinner with 20 friends and ate way too much. So I'm behind on work and way ahead on calorie consumption.

  3. Thank you so much for putting me right on the spelling, the minute I sàw the correct spelling I knew, I do have a dryer for the washing but it is so heavy on the electricity that I dry it outside, I guess having the iron on for hours might not be any cheaper, sounds like you had a great lunch today, sometimes we just have to take time out x

  4. Sad as I may sound Roz, I love line dried washing, it has a smell that cannot be replicated. I know what you mean about not enough time, we are semi retired, you could say, but my dreams of sitting in the sun and reading, writing my book, and relaxing all seem to have fallen by the wayside by the time I have cleaned, tidied and worked in the garden. Oh the joy if living in the countryside!! But I wouldn't change it.

    Garden looks lovely x

  5. Glad you are enjoying the blog Kath, thanks we are fine, getting older and more aches, Moira, I too like the smell of the outside dried washing but not the ironing


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