Wednesday, 26 October 2016

It's almost here

Hello Dear Readers,

Yes it is almost here, the nights are drawing in, everything in the garden looks like it has cuddled down under a blanket for the winter, the fog comes down like an extra cover to slow everything down, sometimes it clears in the morning if the sun decides to shine a few warm rays other times it lingers all day making driving difficult.
The reason we have so much fog is because everyone has a wood burner, its a shame that the log fire which is so comforting can produce such horrible stuff.

You can see the fog coming down again.

Also we had to say farewell to a neighbour we have known for 15 years, she has returned to the UK to be near her children as at 76 her health had gone downhill rendering her unable to get up the stairs to the bathroom, it was a big decision to make but I think it was the right one, farewell dear neighbour, we wish you well.

It is now the time to start meal planning for winter/comfort food and start cleaning and organising the house again, (nothing much gets done during the summer months) we are hoping for a visit soon from our friend Fernando from America after the sad loss of his dear wife Sue, we are ready here with lots of TLC.
The little ones will be round at the weekend for trick or treat, we have plenty of sweeties in for them, it is usually the local play group, and the clocks go back also, great we get an extra hour in bed, (I hibernate in winter)
At least we don't have to put up with fireworks as they don't celebrate bonfire night here.

I guess it is time to start thinking about all the things that are Christmas, watch this space.
Until next time x

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Mistakes can be made

Hello dear friends,

As we continue to learn the french language and indeed learn more about the french people we realise just how we think something is sorted and about to happen and horror of horrors it doesn't happen, for example: today we thought the nurse was coming to the house to do John's blood test so we got up at 7h30 for her arrival at 8h30, it is now 10h05 and she hasn't arrived so, what do we do, Poor John has not had so much as a cup of tea as it is a blood test for diabetes.
Go back 3 months when he had his last test and the Dr had given him a prescription for a test every 3 months for a year so the nurse that did it gave us a slip of paper with his next appointment on definitely for today 18th Oct at 8h30.
As you can see from my pic of the slip of paper left by the nurse it says 8h30 26/7 and an arrow pointing to today.

so what has happened should we have actually made the appointment? The worst part for John is he hates needles so has to take a tablet to calm him, therefore he is out cold, there will be no one in the nurses office until tomorrow morning so we will have to go tomorrow and try to sort it out.
Every time anything like this goes wrong I say we must get this language sorted so guess what we will be doing this afternoon!

Have you had a strange experience with the language?

PS :: 10h50 and she has just been, of course the calmer had warn off but all was good.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

A need becomes a must do

The Autumn

Yes a need to do something in the summer becomes a to do that can be moved to another day but as the darker nights approach there is much scurrying in the garden both by us humans and by all the little creatures that are preparing for the shorter days, we mustn't be bothered by this as there is still much beauty to be seen.

It has been a very hot beautiful summer and of course we have been very busy in the garden and the hot tub, we are now into the second week of October and there is a chill in the air and the leaves are fluttering around as if they are looking for somewhere cosy to spend the winter, the horse chestnuts (conkers) are under foot just waiting for children young and old to attach a strong piece of string and take up the challenge to become the best conker player or whatever they may be called, it is still allowed here in France unlike UK. 😊
The grapevine, rose bushes and all hedges have been cut back to within an inch of their lives, a load of bulbs have been planted in readiness for the spring when after the dull dark days of winter their beautiful array of colours burst out through the damp colourless garden and are such a welcome sight.
For those of you who know me well will know that I detest the winter and I am a hibernater but the beautiful onset of winter delightfully known as Autumn I adore, all the amazing colours of the trees and hedgerows, anything from the deepest auburn red to the brightest of yellowy golds, we are blessed to be surrounded by forest and often get the odd glimpse of a deer and sometimes a stag in his beautiful glory, the robin has appeared, we don't see him during the summer months and although it is probably a different one everytime we would like to think it is the same one come back for winter.
Well the hot tub has been put away until warmer times also the bbq, the logs are piled high each side of the wood burner, the warmer clothes now fill the drawers and the summer clothes washed, ironed and put away until spring/summer pop their heads up over the top of winter again to caress our faces with such wonderful and much needed warmth.

I just have to think that each winter day gets me closer to summer and try to avoid the down days I can sometimes experience this time of year 😃