Sunday, 15 May 2016

Healthy living

A cyber friend made me think about our health and the health service here in France, I am type 2 diabetic after being diagnosed here 5 years ago.
Things happen very quickly and there is no waiting for appointments, as soon as a blood test confirmed it I was whisked off to hospital where it was soon brought under control, I now have a blood test every 3 months to make sure it stays under control, I also have a yearly eye examination to make sure there is no glaucoma, I also have problems with blood clots and heart arrhythmia  I can get an appointment the next day to see any consultant and all covered by my Carte Vitale, John has since been diagnosed with pre diabetes and has received the same wonderful service.


So all in all we are very fortunate to be here in this wonderful country under such a wonderful health service


  1. Glad you have someone looking after you two. Stay well and I think a little red wine every day will help!

  2. Roz, It's encouraging to know that the healthcare system is so efficient in France. I hope the two of you stay healthy,

  3. I totally agree, the healthcare in France is second to none

  4. I have friends with cancer (both native French and expats) and they can't stop praising the health system here. There's a young girl with a terrible genetic condition who has been in the hospital a lot; it's a big strain emotionally but they don't have financial trouble on top of it. My own kid got hurt at the sports complex and we went to the emergency room for an x-ray. No wait, no charge.
    I gulp when I get my bill for health-care taxes, but it's nothing compared with what people pay in the U.S. Even those who have generous employer plans don't realize that somebody is paying--and that somebody is their employer's shareholders and customers.


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