Thursday, 12 May 2016

Well the weather has certainly  changed here in our little bit of heaven in France in fact it is feeling quite like summer is arriving and about time too..
Saturday we spent a wonderful afternoon with our dear friends Sue and John and Valerie and John plus we re kindled an old friendship with a couple we knew some years before only to find out they lived in our very own village.

Sunday we were planning on having a quite day when more dear friend's  turned up bringing these beautiful flowers for our wedding anniversary which was the next day and so the Sunday lunch was added to and a lovely impromptu meal was had sat in the garden, thank goodness I had frozen a rhubarb crumble and we were able to have dessert too.

Monday morning (our wedding anniversary) was spent at the doctors for our 3 monthly check and prescriptions, plus a trip to the lab for a water sample analysis for me, looks like I have a kidney infection which is a side effect of my diabetes, that all done we thought we would treat ourselves to a Chinese buffet meal, we drove there looking forward to it only to find they were shut. Bummer.

We then decided to purchase something that required ID so as the purchase was for me I produced my French driving licence which would have been good enough except that my driving licence is in my maiden name which I questioned at the time but was told it was normal, the cheque book is in our married name so was no good, luckily John was there and used his and all was well, .we used to carry our passports but stopped doing that once we had the driving licence but now I think we must do so again.

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  1. Roz, Thanks for recommending my blog. I'd better start writing more often, which I should now that the university semester has ended. I'm turning in grades today.
    Do you have to go for checkups every three months in France? I go once a year here. I've already heard the horror stories about being naked in the examining room.
    Happy anniversary to you both. Next year, we'll be celebrating our anniversary in France too. It's in June.

  2. I have to have a blood test every 3 months, the health service here is really good, no waiting for anything, we are very well looked after x

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