Monday, 30 May 2016

Summer days at last

Hello dear Readers,

The French summer has arrived and my old bones are very grateful, the spring seemed to go on forever and we have worked so hard to get  "Le Spa" up and functional John putting so much into it even when his body told him to rest, there never seems to be enough hours in the day since we have retired as we always have a project on the go.

But here it is, there are still a few tweeks to do to finish it and you know me I will have to put my mark on it, it is warming up nicely ready for us to get in and soothe our old bones.

If any of you want to pop round and get some bubbles feel free, we could have a party  🎉....


  1. Glad to hear summer has arrived. It was a rather chilly spring. Two weeks ago I was in Chinon and the wind was howling.

  2. I would love to pop round and get some bubbles with you. Lol. I wish!

  3. Hello Esme, not sure which part of France you are in but it has been a chilly spring here

  4. I am pleased you have good weather. Here, in Georgia, we have good weather most of the year. Now it is getting too warm about 86-89 F (31 or 33 C.) The problem is that we get tornadoes often in summer, as well. I was reading a French article that said that up to 30,000 British citizens are living in Dordogne in France. It is lucky that there is no president in France like the US republican candidate here, Donald Trump. He does not want foreigners to come to the US to live … unless they are millionaires, of course! I hope you’ll continue to have good weather - your garden looks good.

  5. How lovely of you to really, I'd come round if we were nearer. If you're ever my way , you are equally welcome. Always a cup of tea on offer here xxxxx


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