Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Queen's Birthday Party

The Queen's Birthday Party

Or as they say it here in France -  a fête d'anniversaire de la reine.

We celebrated the birthday of our Queen Elizabeth 11 on Sunday at our friends house has they have a bigger garden than us, it rained constantly until it was time for everyone to arrive and then the miracle happened, it stopped for most part of the time, although we had two gazebo's up that were keeping us dry.

there were 25 of us half and half English/French
The man on the left of this picture used to be the Maire of our friends village, the man with his arms round his daughter is our friendly mechanic, so as you can see all useful people to have as friends.

The lady here on the left is our host and whose beautiful garden we invaded

Lady on the right is the community nurse.

A proper English tea party 

The Mechanics daughter Pauline entertaining us with her violin
The chap at the back in green shirt is my Hubby just coming for a beer
 What did you do to celebrate

Friday, 3 June 2016

Our French Life: June in France

Our French Life: June in France: Hello dear readers Yes June! I can't  believe it is June and we still have cloud, lots of cloud, there has been so much rain which of ...

June in France

Hello dear readers

Yes June! I can't  believe it is June and we still have cloud, lots of cloud, there has been so much rain which of course is making the grass and weeds grow at an alarming rate, Paris has flooded streets as does a lot of Northern France, there is a statue under the bridge over the Seine and they say if the water reaches his feet the streets will flood, well it is up to his knees so I guess they are in trouble, I know a little about flooding having experienced it twice in UK,
But this weather is boring and we are still eating cold weather food, Shepherds pie tonight followed by French Strawberry tart made with Strawberries from our garden

Strangely there were just enough Strawberries for this tart,, call it fate.

The Shepherds pie is our favourite recipe courtesy of the Frugal Queen
You can find her blog here and pick up the recipe

John has been busy for me too, as you know he made Le Spa, a 3 x 3 wooden structure to house our hot tub, well he had all these bits of wood so he has made me some planters to go by our back gate and a great job he has done too, we have filled them with our own compost and a bit of peat, just got to fill with plants now

As for the Sun, still we wait but word has it that it will be here next week, until next time dear reader's