Thursday, 12 January 2017

Our French life - Vendredi 13th

Vendredi 13th Janvier
Hello Dear Readers,

Yes tomorrow is Friday (Vendredi ) 13th unlucky for some or so we think but not so the French, they think it is quite the opposite or at least the ones I have spoken to, here in France we have 13 my millions to be won tomorrow with the Euromillions, you have to be in to win as they say,  who knows, someone has to win why not us hey, here are a few more superstitions the French have but it is only hearsay and could quite possibly change from one area to another,

Horse shoes
I am used to hanging it like these below

but the French hang them upside down over the door outside. how do you hang yours?

Twiddle a French sailors red bobble, Don't mind if I do/
Apparently if you see a french sailor in uniform you should touch his red bobble for good luck, this good be why every girl loves a sailor.

Lighting cigarettes
I might not have this one quite right as there were conflicting ideas and it is from WW1 but this is sort of how it goes, never light 3 cigarettes with one match as the first one alerts a sniper, the second tells him how far away the target is and the third light gets the bullet, I think the answer is not to smoke in the first place.

If when pregnant you want a girl the french superstition is that if you set eyes on an owl during your pregnancy you will have a girl/

The last supper
The French are renowned for their dinner parties but they will never have 13 people around a table as they believe it will bring bad luck, as a Catholic country they believe it hails from the last summer and 13 people around that table one of which was Judas Iscariot who turned out to be a traitor.

Well these are but a few, so take it easy out there and stay safe/


  1. How funny!
    I was told that if I was served the last drop from a bottle of champagne, I would get pregnant with a boy.
    Love your geraniums! Despite the recent cold, my climbing roses are full of big red blooms.

  2. TOF, The Geraniums are from the summer just thought it would brighten things up a bit

  3. Hi Roz and John thanks for visiting Normandy Life today it's always good to meet new bloggers especially Ex pats here in France.
    I've just become your latest roller,

  4. Thanks Maggie for following my blog I really appreciate it, I am trying to get my head around these link things but the technology gets the better of me, I haven't been able to follow you yet as it wouldn't let me on your blog but I will try again, again many thanks and I look forward to reading more of your blog

  5. Roz, I really enjoy hearing about these superstitions. I guess it is something else to get used to in a different country, huh? Hopefully, they don't affect life too much.
    Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. You've really mastered the technology there. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme


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