Saturday, 7 January 2017

French life, how it's done

Galette des Rois - The French tart with a charm

Hello Dear Readers,

I write to you today about the Galette des Rois, this is traditionally a frangipane cake which always includes a paper crown, it is usually eaten on 6th January for Epiphany, this however is not a bank holiday so the actual feast day occurs on the first Sunday of January (unless it falls on the 1st,) then it goes to the next Sunday.
So you guessed, it will be tomorrow.

Normally this galette it made from Frangipane and puff pastry ( Pate Feuillettee)
But the one in the picture is brioche with bits of chocolate, so I guess it is more like a giant pain au chocolat, yummy yummy.

According to tradition the cake must be cut into enough slices so that each person gets a slice and a few more in case of unexpected guests, Here they have a gadget that you sit on top of a cake or gateaux and it allows you to cut equal sized slices, there will be a small figurine baked into the cake and the person who gets this figurine in their slice will have good luck for the year and becomes the king or queen for the day, wearing the crown provided, it is a good party game and the French love their party games, in order for it to be fair a child must sit under the table and shout out the names of everyone there and a slice is presented to that person. it would be very unusual for there not to be a child present as this is a family affair and the children are always involved as they are always well behaved, maybe this is why they grow up into such nice rounded people. when you think about it, if you send children to bed while you are having fun what does that say to the child,  interesting.!

Here is a video link so you can see how its done.

Happy l'Epiphanie to all.

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  1. I have enjoyed this traditional galette, however, I bit into the tiny figure inside and nearly broke my tooth,so you could say I nearly lost my crown!!poor joke sorry 😁
    Nevertheless I do enjoy the galette and the tradition of it.

  2. Oh dear Denni, that is not good, you do have to bee careful, thanks so much for commenting, a bientot

  3. Love this tradition, and I never care if I get the "feve" because I rather like the almond paste cake itself! Glad to see that you follow Geraldine at "Comme une Francaise." She's a wonderful French teacher, and she looks so much like Anne Hathaway.

  4. Kiwi, I love the cake too and I love the wonderful traditions the French have, in fact for me I think its about the family getting together and sharing the love x

  5. I know people who collect fèves from the galettes. Recently I saw a crown with a Frozen princess; I wonder whether the fève was Elsa or Anna?

  6. TOF • We have kept the two or three we have won over the years one of which was snoopy,

  7. We bought a galette at the French bakery here – they make them just like in France. Reading your post it reminded me that a while back I researched the history of the galette for a post. You may read it here if you like, it was in 2013 . As in so many other historic stories, the galette pre-dates Christianity and was a pagan holiday from way back. The reason that it was originally round and yellow was to symbolize the sun. Since our galette is large and we only ate a couple of pieces, we have not found the little fève yet.

  8. Thank you Vagabond for your very useful info, it is good to know of its origins


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