Monday, 16 January 2017

Pretty memories - our life in france

As this week See's the end of a rather nasty run of virus's for me and I haven't been able to get out and about to get pictures of anything interesting, plus the weather is just awful with rain and more rain and we are in for some really low temperatures later this week so as you can imagine I am going into Hibernation mode, well it got me thinking about the things that I have around me that make me happy and thought I would share them with you.

A lovely glass cake stand with freshly baked scones
and they were scrumptious, The tray is made by the mosaic method by an old friend.

A plate made specially for a loaf cake, I will put the lemon drizzle I baked earlier on here as it is John's favourite, mind you it would seem that every cake is his favourite.

These are two pretty cups that my dear Mum used to drink her tea from, she treasured them but I use them every day as I don't see the point of hiding things away to keep them safe. the one on the right is one I bought her for Mothers day many moons ago and the one on the left is the only one left out of a set sadly, the milk jug I got from a vide grenier here in France and I often wonder how old it is and who used it.
A vase of used corks that I will make something with once I get the inspiration
Another little jug from a vide grenier with a pretty candle that I just cannot light and a lovely little crochet brooch that a friend made me her company is

and what it is all about


  1. Roz, The things that bring you joy in your home are lovely and I can see why you cherish them. Hope you are feeling better soon and that the weather improves for you.

  2. Thank you so much Paulita, I am feeling much better but John won't let me out in the rain 😂

  3. Thank you so much Paulita, I am feeling much better but John won't let me out in the rain 😂

  4. Ah, I do love a French scone! lol. Sorry to hear you were ill, what a lovely protective hubby!

  5. Ha ha Sim, he is only thinking of himself because if I am ill he has to run round after me lol

  6. Definitely a believer in using the good china - life is too short. Glad you are feeling better and are surrounded by these things (and a person) you love.

  7. Thank you Kiwi for your good wishes, at least we are now getting some really cold weather that always gets rid of some of the bugs, hope its warm where you are x

  8. It's the small things Roz, the small things my friend


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