Friday, 20 January 2017

Our French Life - Just when you think all is good.


Christmas had come and gone and if I am honest it hadn't been the best we had experienced for one reason and another but as the saying goes "things can only get better" with no big expenditure in sight I thought I would be able to save a little to get ourselves a set of those new (plastic) rattan style patio sets for the summer, well they say don't get too comfy don't they... First of all my very old hairdryer that I must have had for 30 years melted, so I couldn't finish drying my hair properly so instead of going out with wet hair I decided to bake a cake, got the scales out of the cupboard and promptly dropped them on the tiled floor, of course they did not survive that impact and I think I will be finding bits of them for months to come, needless to say they have both gone to the tip or as it is called in French La Decheterie.
ok so yesterday I had to bite the bullet and go and buy new versions of the afore mentioned articles, we drove to our local biggish town 30 minutes away (nothing is close here), went to Intermarche a large supermarket and we were looking through the hairdryers, well these things do so much these days I thought I only want to dry my hair but some of them do the housework too, I spied one which took my fancy and looked at the price underneath it, it was a Remington and only 19,98€, I was a little surprised at this so asked a very nice shop assistant was it right and she looked and said non non non and pointed out that this one and the one next to it had been swapped around, so when I got to the till I would have been paying 59,00€ bit of a difference, so be careful when buying these items and check the ticket for correct details.

Phillips is a good name in fact it is probably better than Remington.

Right next door is Action so we popped in there to look for some kitchen scales, they had several but I chose these, I wasn't going to have digital but these were so good as they could be changed to lbs and ozs or Grams, liquid measure and a built in timer plus they hang on the rod in the kitchen so well pleased with them and only 7,92€

We then went to another shop to get some cling film (Gifi) I like their particular cling film as I don't end up looking like a cling filmed mummy after using it, I spied this little gem for the bathroom.

I hope you can read it ok, if you have a man In your house it applies 😊

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  1. ''Twas a bit alarmed at your headline. Glad to hear all is still good, just a few items needed updating! That kitchen scale is very sleek.

  2. Oh that made me laugh! The bit about the hairdryer doing the housework too and the thought of you fighting with the cling film! .

  3. Oh, sorry you had two breakdowns of sorts. I'm glad you didn't break the tiles on your floor! We use measuring cups for cooking here instead of scales.

  4. Roz, Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. I'd love to hear your input about how you chose the right French village, town or city to live in.
    Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  5. At least you were able to do lots of things with one visit to Big Town! I hate it when I have to make the effort, just for one appointment or urgent purchase.

  6. thanks Kiwi, sorry to have alarmed you.
    glad I made you laugh Moira.
    Paulita I too am glad I didnt break the tiles, I would have been in trouble.
    welcome Jacqueline, I try to do everything I have to in one go.

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  8. Hello and thank you so much for coming by Marmelade Gypsy and signing up. (I'm doing the same here.) It's been a hectic few weeks and I'm late in saying hello but I'm so looking forward to discovering more about your adventures in France!

  9. thank you Jeanie for joining my blog I am very flattered, I also am looking forward to reading your adventures

  10. Roz, So glad that you joined in with Dreaming of France today. Hope things have settled down at your place.

  11. thanks Paulita, John has flu virus, really bad one and we have undergoing cancer treatment so are doing a lot of running about for them, I will blog soon x

  12. It is an expensive trip, but it was worth every centavo. And the memory/experience does not fade - unlike if you spend the money on material possessions. Just stay committed to your dream. Thanks for reading.

    London to Dublin


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