Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Aims to aim for


First let me start by making an apology to you all, I have been playing about a bit with my blogs look and I am sure everytime you clicked on it there was a different colour or had a different header, well I think I have settled on this one so normal service will be resumed, thanks for being patient.


As I have said many times I am not one for making new years resolutions and anyway it is too late now by my reckoning, but it was a fellow blogger who made me realise that it is good to have aims for your year and be able to reflect on them, thank you Moira, you can find her blog here take a look,

I think it is good to do this otherwise you are bumbling aimlessly through your year and it is 18th January already just to put it into perspective, 18 days where you had no real plans now that scares me, we have not pets to give us purpose although we often say we would like another dog but sadly neither of us would be able to take it for long walks so that's out,
Right lets look at what I would like to aim for. I know a lot of french but still struggle to hold a meaningful conversation, the main problem is the understanding part, so I guess I must get cracking with that, the language problem also brings another and that is integrating into our village life or should I say the lack of it, when you struggle to have a conversation the easiest thing is not to put yourself in that situation and I guess that is what we have done, so now when we go to our local tabac to get the euromillions tickets we stop and have a coffee, we have promised to take some English tea next week as John prefers tea, it helps us and helps them.
There are still some jobs around the house that we need to knuckle down to, especially finish the downstairs toilet, lay carpet on landing, decorate our bedroom.
We also need to get a bit more exercise.
Well I think that will be plenty to keep us busy.

  1. Improve my French language skills
  2. integrate more into village life
  3. Finish the jobs.
  4. Get more exercise
It will be good to look at it all at the end of the year and see how well we have done

What are your aims going to be, let me know,

thanks for popping by ☆


  1. Wish we could pop over and help 😢
    We have to renovate the whole house. Lol. Without getting divorced. Lol we aren't even married but you know what I mean 😂😂😂
    Love you both Jan xx

  2. Aww thanks Jan, you have got enough to do at yours, hope the shower is finished x

  3. They say that the best way to learn French is "sur l'oreillier"--on the pillow, but that won't work for you! Do you watch TV in French? My (francophone) husband is a big TV watcher, so I would turn on the subtitles for the hearing impaired, which helped me untangle the syllables I was hearing into actual words. There are so many sounds that get used over and over in French but each is spelled about 50 different ways.
    My other tip is a FitBit. I love it. It counts the steps you take. You're supposed to take about 10,000 steps in a day. Sometimes I do a lot more, but sometimes I don't make 10,000. What's good is to see it and think, uh-oh, I need to get moving.

  4. Bonjour! Thank you so much for coming to Marmelade Gypsy (and several times) and leaving such kind words. I love France and I'm looking forward to digging into your blog when I return from Rick's mom's birthday celebrations next week. So forgive my lateness in visiting. Timing is everything, right?

    I have a feeling I'm going to end up digging in here and not ever wanting to leave!

  5. TOF I know you are right, we do have french TV but sadly we also have UK TV and although sometimes we do watch french it inevitably goes to English, as for the 10,000 steps I don't think I would ever reach that with my arthritis but I will try.

  6. Welcome Jeanie, thanks for popping by and I hope you will continue to enjoy my blog as I do yours.

  7. For learning French, Catherine Berry, author of "But You Are in France, Madame," had some excellent suggestions in her September, 2016 blog of the same name. One of my aims for this year is to put some of her suggestions into practice, because I would like my French to be much more fluent as well. Here is the link:

  8. Thank you Kiwi, I will take a look but in fairness it is something that you must do day so I must make more effort, wish me luck


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