Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tis the season

Hello dear readers,

Yes the Christmas season is almost upon us and as usual I am not ready for it, it creeps up on me every year, I intend to be organised and get all my cards made in plenty of time (they are usually none existent here) but this year we have had a new chain of shops that have opened locally called Action, they have many English items and lots of crafty things but most importantly they had English Christmas cards in boxes, don't misunderstand me, Christmas means the same here as in UK but they don't really do cards and the cards don't say Merry Christmas, they say Joyeaux Noel, call me old fashioned but I like proper traditional cards....

Thinking back to when we first came to France for a holiday, you certainly wouldn't have found anything English, not in our part of rural France and that was how we liked it, here was like being back in England 50 years ago, safe to walk out at night, you could leave your doors unlocked in fact only Saturday outside of our small super market there was an unattended car with its engine running, we couldn't do that back in the UK.

So here I am toasting my toes while writing my Christmas cards.

Have you written yours yet?


  1. I haven't written my Christmas cards, but I have bought 3 beUtiful French ones to send back to clos friends and family in England, not cheP though! Loving the photo, looks really snugly xx

  2. Hi Moira, Thanks for your comment, I have just got some really nice cards from Action 10 in a box for €1.78 very good quality too, still got loads to do especially one for USA not sure when the last posting date is for that. we are really cutting down on how many we send as the postage is getting ridiculous, stay warm and safe and have a wonderful Christmas both of you.

  3. Oh Roz. Your fire does look lovely. And NO. I have not written any cards
    Love you


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