Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A needle pulling thread.

Sewing isn't my thing, oh I can do a bit of mending, sew a button on I have even been known to make the odd pair of curtains (very odd at times), I hated sewing at school and was more likely to be found in the cookery class which I feel has been more beneficial, I always say I am still learning.

I sat down this evening with a rather large pile of mending (sadly I keep putting it off) instead of doing it when it is just one item, ....  when I opened the sewing box the first thing I see is my little needle case, I say mine but was my mum's that I made her when I was 7 years old, that makes it 60 years old.

Picture this, imagine the look on my mothers face when 2 days before my sewing lesson at school I announce that I need felt, we lived in the middle of nowhere so couldn't just pop to the shop, I don't know how she did it or where she got it from but she produced it the night before, I had the audacity to say I didn't like the colour, I wont enlarge on that, my mother wasn't prone to using bad language but that night she made an exception

As you can see the stitching was pretty good for a 7 year old and all of those needles are originals as I have never bought any.

This was my grans hat pin, how brilliant is that, I wonder if they will ever come back into fashion., the bottom line is I have been reminiscing and writing this blog instead of doing the mending, there is always another day.

What did you do this evening?

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  1. This is such a touching remembrance. I'm sure this little sewing kit always meant a lot to your mum too.

  2. Oh Roz, what a lovely memory! Isn't it magical the way 'mums' always seem to deliver?! Also funny for me is that you had the cheek to nix the color, one of my favorites. Happy Holidays Roz and happy sewing.

  3. Roz, I understand getting easily distracted. I bet not many people do mending anymore.
    I have some things in my sewing kit that definitely remind me of my mother and my Aunt Lorena who was an avid sewer. I apparently used to have some sewing skill but have since lost it. I made all kinds of costumes for my daughter when she was young, but not any more.
    Thanks for playing along with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme


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