Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Whats in the couldren tonight.

Hello dear readers,

Since the £ has devalued we have had to shop frugally and so we are shopping around, pardon the pun

Yesterday for dinner it had to be something quick as we were really busy so we had sweet and sour chicken nuggets, it really is very quick, fry up some nuggets or I could have done them in the actifry, and make rice in the microwave then pour a jar of sauce over, I did add some tinned beansprouts to the sauce and surprisingly they were quite crunchy,

Sadly I forgot to take a pic of the finished article, I had eaten it when I remembered.
The saucepan at the back has bones and lots of other things to make stock cubes

Tonight we had, pork chops, roaster's, cabbage, carrots and gravy, we love our meat and veg meals.

We have a Netto quite near to us which we have just discovered is really cheap, I can't believe what a good deal we got.

20 sausages for €5.90 and 4 steaks for €5.08

That's 7 meals for us for just €10.98, €1.56 per meal, result I think.

Are you trying to be frugal? do let me know.


  1. Your pork chop and veg meal looks particularly scrumptious. In the cooler weather in the States, a lot of us enjoy a frugal meal of "franks and beans" (good beef hot dogs in a casserole or stovetop pot with prepared barbecue beans - and there are a ton of varieties of flavors for the beans - everything from brown sugar and hickory smoke flavor to spicy tomato sauce). Only problem with this meal is it's not really very healthy due to the processed meat and additives in with the beans. A good can of cassoulet is a better substitute in France!

  2. Thank you Kiwi, your franks and beans sounds good, we do try to eat healthily as we both have diabetes but we do like cassoulet for sure.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm bean sprouts, I love them with sweet and sour sauce x


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