Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Our life in France, Let's soup it up a bt

Today is Wednesday and with all the housework done it feels like a kitchen day.

Today's meal is Spag bol, we all know what that looks like so I won't bore you with pics of it (the truth is we ate it before I remembered)... as I reached into the fridge for the necessary mince I spied a stonking packet of Pot au feu vegetables..

This is a dish the french do a lot a veg and meat stew
I use it for soup as it is loads for under €2

All this, leeks,carrots, onion, turnip and a little bunch of herbs

All chopped to within an inch of their lives, tossed into a pan with a tin of tomatoes and lots of herbs, once all the veg are tender I mulch them all until it is fine and add some cream, tomorrow we will pool it into soup bowls and slather some real butter onto crusty bread and dunk it until it melts.

Who's coming for lunch?


  1. Sounds yummy. I'd love to be there. Could definitely use some comfort food.

  2. It was so nice and warming Paulita x


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