Monday, 7 November 2016

Get back into frugal mode

Hello dear readers,

How often do you sit and ponder what is for dinner, some days I just seem to lose my cooking mojo, don't get me wrong I love to cook and sometimes all it takes is a good rummage through the freezer to inspire me, but I have to admit when I was more organised and I mean writing down a weekly meal plan and checking what we already had in, making a shopping list of the items we might need to add - things ran a whole lot easier, you didn't have to worry about what to make for dinner because it was on your plan ready for you.

.I am sorry this is a screen shot, it was the only way I could get it on (will have to look into that bit of techno)

This is the rotation monthly planner I use which I got from - I downloaded this free but not sure if it is still free.
So now I have the meal planner I can fill in what we are going to have for the next month then I will look in the freezer to see what we have and write a shopping list for anything we are missing, you can either do the whole month or just a week at a time, it will depend on whether you shop weekly or monthly.
Please let me know if you do something like this or you maybe do something totally different, in which case I would love to know what.
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If you would like a copy of the menu planner let me know in the comments including your email

A bientot

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life OR the last day of your old one


  1. I am hopeless at planning, but am fanatical about growing my own veg and freezing the surplus during the summer months. In the summer we eat what we have picked and in the winter we eat from the freezer - simples. #dreamingoffrance

  2. Hi Jacqueline, we used to grow our own but now we are older it is not so easy but when we did it was more frugal


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