Thursday, 10 November 2016

Amber, Gold and Red

"It is a very blustery day today said pooh to Christopher Robin"
I always remember that from my childhood days and at this time of year I can look out and see all the amber, gold and red leaves which have been sitting on their respective tree's as if waiting for that very blustery wind to come along and aid them to the ground, it also seems a little sad that they sometimes don't fall under their own tree but end up miles away from home, never the less wherever they land they will be keeping little creatures warm for the winter in their chosen spots from whence they hide away for the long sleep that is hibernation, oh how I envy them, but I must satisfy myself with a hearty bowl of soup and crusty baguette...

It was so yummy scrummy and so thick when you dunked bread in it really clung to it, so much so you didn't really need a spoon.

We are on our 5th recipe day of the meal planning (how are you doing?)

Tonight for dinner we had a poisson bordeaulaise which is a nice chunk of fish topped with herby breadcrumbs, it comes in it's own foil tray and cooks in the halogen cooker in about 25 minutes, best of all it is only €1.68 from Aldi for two of us.

We had it with boiled potatoes and peas, lovely.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's dinner, it will be lovely and cheep, what did you have?

If you haven't done so already why not follow me on our adventure.


  1. Yum! After seeing your delicious thick vegetable soup, we decided to have soup and French bread for dinner too. I'm not so clever as to make my own fresh, but we got some prepared at our local market, Bristol Farms. It was a kind of cream of chicken with black beans, corn and carrots and poblano chiles that made it spicy. Southwestern U.S. Cuisine, I guess. Would love to be clever enough to make foods from scratch as you do.

  2. Where in the world are you living? It is so easy to make soup from scratch, all I did was boil the veggies until tender the mulched them with a hand blender, give it a go, but your soup from the market sounds delicious.

  3. We are in Los Angeles, and we don't lack for fresh fruits and vegetables. We're just more likely to eat veggies plain: raw, steamed or roasted, because I've never learned the next steps of simple cookery. Making a soup, stew, bread or a cake from scratch without a prepared mix still seems like magic to me. I know there are lots of good recipes on the Internet, but many seem too involved for a basic cook like me. I'm looking forward to having the time to learn to cook better when I retire next.year and we move to France.

  4. Oh Kiwi you will love the cooking opportunity's there are here, the markets are amazing


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