Sunday, 6 November 2016

It's Sunday.

Hello dear readers,

Happy Sunday, I still look forward to Sunday's even though we are retired and as people who still work say to us " every day is a Sunday for you isn't it?" Well let me tell you it is not, we work harder now than we did when we were at work, the difference is we are doing it for us. for instance today John has grouted the tiles in the downstairs toilet we are creating, it is a very small space under the stairs, just big enough to get a toilet and hand basin in, in fact it is where the only toilet was when we bought the house.

This is where the toilet will go, John wouldn't normally do these sort of jobs on a Sunday but he wants to do plaster boarding tomorrow and needs it dry.

Me, I have filled all the bird feeders, they get seed and fat balls.

hung a load of washing out because the sky is blue and the sun is shining although the temperature is only 10°, also I have put my geraniums to bed for the winter.

They have been out of their pots for a week to dry then individually wrapped in paper then tucked up in a box so they will be in the dark, in spring they will be planted up to grow again.

Now it's time to prepare Sunday dinner which we have around 4pm, normally we have a joint or chicken to make a dinner for Monday too but today we are having these bad boys... yep scrummy lamb shanks, now this is not an item which is readily available here in our part of France in fact we found them quite by chance when looking through the frozen meat one day, there were 3 pairs so we bought them all at 9€ for two so it is a real treat for us.

Lamb shanks

A bed of onions and carrots with stock

Served with cabbage, peas, the carrots from the slow cooker, gravy and redcurrent jelly, yummy.

They were delicious , now we are ready for some snoozing 💤

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  1. I took in my geraniums once and they didn't come back in the spring. The past few years I've left them out--it rarely gets cold enough here to kill them. We still have tomatoes, and the pepper plants are full of another crop.

  2. They will die over winter but in february I pot them and keep indoors until they shoot and all the frost has gone, I am afraid here in northern france we have cold weather

  3. I'm always so impressed with folks who can do their own tiling, etc. Good for your husband to be so clever and neat. The lamb shanks look super! Eating well will keep you both in good health. Thanks for the inspiration on that!

  4. It sounds like you find plenty to keep your life active and busy. Leave your link on Dreaming of France and maybe some new visitors will find your blog. I always enjoy your posts. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  5. Thank you Kiwi, John is a very clever man and can turn his hand to most things, I have to say that plumbing is not his favourite, the lamb shanks were great, from New Zealand of course.

  6. Hi Paulita, yes we are always busy doing something, I have left my link and comment on Dreaming of France, your posts are always good to read.

  7. It's so true that you work harder because you have to work to live, chopping logs comes to mind! Lamb shanks look gorgeous my friend x

  8. Moira they were delicious, wish they were more readily available.

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