Sunday, 24 April 2016

You know when the summer is ready to appear

You know when the summer is ready to appear.

It is a good job we were not in a hurry ( well we are retired ) we live in a rural part of France and sometimes just go out for a drive to see different area's, and hopefully to stumble upon a little cottage for sale, it is surprising where you find these little treasures.
And as we say "You know when the summer is ready to appear" when around every corner, lurking ready to jump out in front of you is one of these ->

And I mean jump out at you, they seem to wait until you are there then come out instead of letting you go by but that is the beauty of living in the country and we love it,

Last evening we had a curry evening with some dear friends. this is our regular event at each others house and each of us contribute, one couple brought samosa and garlic bread and another brought dessert.

 I had made my own naan and they turned out great, every bit was gobbled up.

Loving life x


  1. Your naan look delicious!
    It's best to have time to spare when on country roads. No shoulders, curvy, hilly, impossible to see far enough ahead to get around even something as slow as a tractor or a bicycle.

  2. Roz, I'm glad you are sharing your delicious naan with your friends. Are you looking for a cottage to buy? You inspired me to practice my language skills more and I wrote about that today for my Dreaming of France post. I hope you'll play along.
    Here's Mine

  3. Thanks to you Dan to have discovered our region and Paris with so much delight! You took some pleasure to be with us and it is also with great pleasure which I helped you for your journey and your purchases for your family.

    Trips To Europe


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