Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A big thank you

My last post was somewhat a call for help with my French, I hadn't intended it to be but sometimes the mind meanders a little, but you my dear readers rose to the challenge in your wonderful comments and in a strange sort of way you have inspired and motivated me into actually doing something about it on a daily basis, in short you have kicked my butt and made me realise it is up to me, I know this but sometimes it takes others to give you a bump start,.. therefore I would like to publicly give credit to you all. below is a list of people whose help has been fantastic along with a link to their blog, please take a look at  them as they are all very interesting in different ways and of  different interest.

A Taste of France -

Kiwi - Paris Secrets

Paulita - An Accidental blog 

Janet Brockman 
No blog but a good and faithful friend who said to drink wine to become fluent - good advice in any situation.

Jenny & John - Renovation of a derelict house

Vagabonde - Recollections of a Vagabonde 

Once again many thanks for your comments, they are very much appreciated

A Bientot - see you soon


  1. Like to be helpful. Love and miss you guys. Xxx

  2. A bi-national, bilingual friend congratulated me on how my French improved when I started dating my now-husband. "The best way to learn is on the pillow," she said. My reaction was ?!?!?!
    But seeing as you're happily married, that won't work for you....

  3. Glad you found my suggestions helpful. I took my own advice and had an hour speaking French this afternoon with a bilingual friend. It does make my head hurt a bit. And she complimented me and said that my French was good. we were able to speak in French the entire time, with her correcting my incorrect verb endings, etc... So you're helping me too.


I am always happy to read your comments and I will try to answer you all x