Sunday, 10 April 2016

Special Saturday treat

Dear readers, I thought I would share with you a little treat we had yesterday.

But let me digress a little first, our Saturday evening meal is usually if not always a curry ( my dear John's favourite) I like them but not too hot, another favourite accompaniment of John's is Naan bread, now I have searched here in our little bit of France but as yet have not found them so, Saturday just after lunch I decided I would find a recipe and try and make them, Now my track record with dough of any sort is not good, I never seem to be able to get it to rise, my old Gran used to say to make bread you must have lots of patience and I do not have it in mounds if you get my drift, as in I can't wait for it to rise enough and the resulting bread is flat and hard in fact even the birds have been known to snub my bread. anyway I am following a video see here  and have made the dough putting it into a greased bowl to rise when the phone rings...
It is our dear friends from another village who are inviting us to afternoon tea and cake, well we have never been known to refuse an invite especially when it involves cake, the reason behind the invite is that some other mutual friends are visiting and it seemed a good time to get us all together, We had to quickly make ourselves presentable and start out on our journey thinking only of what wonderful cake our friend had concocted (she loves to bake and never disappoints) When we arrived the table was laid and the display of cakes was amazingly mouthwatering, sadly I was so glad to see our friends and chat over so many things that I forgot to take pictures, I am cross with myself for this as she had made so much effort and I would have loved to give her photographic credit, I will apologise and suggest we have a re-run in order to do so.
We stayed until 18h30 mulling over times gone by and times to come, it is so nice that the visiting friends are only really young and we are old fogies but we get on so well, on the drive home I was thinking of my dough and the hours it had to rise with visions of it meeting me at the door, my forced patience had paid off, the dough had risen so well it actually looked like the one in the video, I make the curry (that's another blog me thinks) and start to prepare the Naan bread for cooking, well let me tell you they were so light and fluffy and so much better than any bought ones previously consumed...the moral of the story is have patience when bread making.

Sorry it was almost too late when I thought about the pictures but it's better than nothing.

Needless to say I had mentioned the Naan bread making and all our friends insisted we do a curry night and I promise to take lots of pictures.

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  1. You had better find lots of patience for the next Naan! Especially if you have to bake lots. Lol
    Sounds like a wonderful day you had. Xx

  2. We had a wonderful day Jan, only one thing missing from it, You guy's x

  3. I read your last post and wish to tell you that here too, in the US, women talk to themselves in the grocery market, on the street, in the mall, but then if I look very carefully I see that they have something in their ears and they are talking on their cell-phone, remotely. Congratulations on making tasty Naan bread. They are so good when fresh from the oven. I’ll be looking forward to your curry too. My younger daughter‘s husband is first generation from India. Both his parents are from South India, the state of Kerala, and they live in Georgia. When we go to the in-laws house we eat some delicious curries – but I have not tried to make one myself. I’ll try to catch your next post but I am far behind because of getting prepared for our move. I know with blog etiquette I should answer comments on my blogs, but right now I have to answer 88 comments from my last 3 posts – don’t know when I can get to it all.

  4. Hi Roz, naan bread is Rich's favourite, so you need to give me a lesson. Brilliant blog, and wonderful to see you now have readers in America x

  5. Vagabond you could be right, never thought it could be an ear piece, you sound really busy I do hope you are able to catch up soon...
    Moira did you see the video link on this blog about the Naan, they are really easy, give them a go x

  6. Roz, What a delight that you were able to make delicious Naan. So glad for you. I used to make bread a lot when the kids were little. Even if I only opened a jar of spaghetti sauce with noodles for dinner, I felt like it was a real meal if I made a loaf of bread to go with it. Maybe you'll try some other breads too.
    I'd love it if you'd join in with Dreaming of France again. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme


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