Sunday, 17 April 2016

Frugally French

Hello dear readers.

In an attempt to be a little more frugal and live a little cheaper life I have been trying to get a bit more organised by meal planning and in the course of doing this there is a knock on effect happening, it has inspired me to organise other area's, first off someone, (now someone is a person who apparently lives in our house but we have never seen,) this someone left the freezer door open and it had started to defrost and so it was a mad rush to save the food and get it defrosted, which we did, this lead to me wanting to clean and sort the fridge which in turn started me on sorting all the kitchen cupboards, this is not like me and John asks "am I getting OCD?" well something is happening but I think it is just me coming out of winter hibernation plus I accidentally came across a video about how people organise and clean their homes, now I am inspired and hope it continues

The fridge is nice and clean and tidy and now I will do it once a week before I go shopping, that way I will know exactly what I have, I also chop things up like peppers and courgettes and put into Tupperware as you are more likely to use them and they last longer.I must say I have less wastage doing this and it cost's me less, win win.

Yes you have guessed it, the next thing I must organise is the ironing, 

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  1. For economic and environmental reasons, we have decided to waste not. I have lived in Africa and have seen starving people, including in 1985 in East Africa at the height of "We Are the World." The amount we toss is embarassing. So we are making a conscious effort to improve. The more I do right away and either keep for a couple of days later in the fridge or else freeze makes a huge difference. Bravo to you for taking action!

  2. Thank you, I believe we should all try and save things as one day there will be nothing left to save

  3. Roz, Your new organizational plans are inspiring. Great idea to cut up some veggies so you're more likely to use them.
    I'd love it if you'd join in with Dreaming of France again this week. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  4. Thank you so much Paulita, I will pop over there now,


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