Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Is she talking to me

Hi Dear Readers.

I was today sitting and thinking about the whole Supermarket experience in France and one thing that came to mind was the fact that most French women talk to themselves while shopping, I have now got used to it to a certain extent but I must say it still takes me by surprise when the woman standing next to me suddenly starts talking out loud, well you would think she was talking to you, right, and as I don't always catch what they are saying first time I always end up saying " Désolé, excusez-moi" well they just look at me as if I have just encroached on a very private moment and walk away, needless to say I am left feeling quite stupid. (no comments on that subject please) 

I am thinking that I have shrunk back to the British way of shopping, you know going to the supermarket once a week and ending up buying stuff you don't really want or need and I have to ask myself why did we move to France, the answer is that we loved the French way of life, sort of a hark back to times when we were a lot younger and life was so simple, it is very much still like that here in rural France and I feel we should do everything we can to preserve it before it is lost in the name of progress, so our little bit will be to start going to the market once a week and buying bread from the boulangerie just as we used to do, living the French life instead of mirroring our life in UK that we escaped.

A Bientot mon Cher x


  1. I can't wait for the day we can come share in your French Life even if it's for a short time. Miss and love you both xxx

  2. That's true, we find ourselves "doing a big shop!" When we should be shopping fir short term. It's a hard habit to break. I talk to myself when I go shopping, so I will need to look out for my French compadres! Love it Roz. X

  3. Do the French women really talk to themselves? Well if it’s good enough for them, I won’t feel so badly when I find myself muttering aloud as well!

  4. Roz, That is such an interesting observation -- both the women talking to themselves and the shopping. You're right that you should try to preserve the lifestyle that lured you to France.


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