Friday, 23 May 2014

Our French life

Our French life - Bon Weekend a tous

The dreadful weather seems to be subsiding and it is Friday evening, I know I am retired and every day is like a weekend (NOT) even after over a year of being part of the relaxed set (retired) I still look forward to the weekends, it's like two totally different days where we do totally different things, I guess we work on weekdays as in we still have lots to do on the house, Fridays I do the housework so it is tidy and clean for the weekend, we do the shopping on a Saturday (unless it is double points at Super U on a Thursday) Sunday glorious Sunday we look for a Vide Grenier (Car boot sale) a feature of French life where we can stroll hopefully in the sunshine and find some real tresors (treasures)

Friends will be coming to stay at their holiday home in the village so I guess there will be some wine drinking and eating involved although they are bringing 3 grandchildren with them so they will be tied up I think.

So you guys, have a wonderful weekend and will speak again next week...

A bientot

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