Thursday, 29 May 2014

Our life in France - Surviving in Rural France

Our life in France -  Surviving in Rural France

I used to think that living in France was the same as living in England but how wrong I was, 
In England whatever I wanted from the shops I could get at any time of the year but here in Rural France you have to learn to cook with the seasons which, when you think about it, it makes so much more sense, we also have grown a lot of our own veg since we have been here and let me tell you there is nothing better than picking potatoes and runner beans from your garden and cooking them, they taste so different,

that said the ones in the shops have probably been grown locally too so haven't travelled too far. 
If you are considering the move over it is a good idea to learn to cook like the French, which believe it or not is different to English, the French ladies are taught from a very early age at their Mothers side how to cook anything from scratch, all ingredients are always fresh and more often than not picked from their gardens, laced always with a perfusion of fresh herbs also from the garden or a pot sat by the back door, so get to know what the locals cook based on the seasons.
every garden here is planted just at the right time and they never seem to have failures, everything grows in abundance, I love to see all the veggies in their very straight rows although the tidiness is beyond me, there is never a weed in sight, The little lady next door who is in her late eighties always grew bigger and better veg and I would weed every day but you would never see a weed in hers or see her do any weeding, maybe she did it in the night. she has since given it up stating she has become tres fragile.

Happy cooking..if you have any french recipes please leave them in comments..

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  1. Hi Roz, yours is very informative and again shows a different view of living in France.


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