Thursday, 22 May 2014

What to do on a Gloomy day

Our life in France - What to do on a Gloomy day.

Well after the storms of last night the gloomy weather has continued to ravage our little part of heaven, we have had some thunder, all be it in the distance, rain, and now it is getting windy, apparently there was a bit of a tornado ripping through most of France last night so I think we got off lightly..that said it did ruin my bearded iris's, throwing them down on the ground, such a shame as they were looking really lovely

So, what do you do on such a day?
Well I am not really a chocolate person, don't get me wrong I love chocolate just as much as the next person but it is not comfort food for me, so when the going gets tough in our house the tough make a curry, lovely hot beef curry and I am sure we have some bike saddle shaped naan breads, might even do some Bombay potatoes, and I just about have enough Coriander growing in the garden, now I can't wait for dinner tonight.
 But of course there is afternoon tea first so I have made scones...

They almost spread into one big scone, Yummy butter and strawberry jam, I will just have the one, but now you see I have forgotten the awful weather. the casserole at the back holds the curry.

One thing that hasn't been blown down so far are the lupins because I had tied them round with string.

This year they are all one colour as you can see but last year they were all different colours, if anyone knows why please let me know.

Bullet points are:- when the weather gets bad make a curry and bake cakes
                            Tie some string around your tall flowers so that the wind doesn't destroy them
                             Make sure you have real butter for the scones

So what have you done today?

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