Monday, 8 April 2013

Our French Life - Printemps, où es-tu

Our French Life - Printemps, où es-tu

Today is the 8th April and it is officially Spring but it feels more like an autumn day, it was raining first thing here in St Aignan Sur Roe but now the sun shines in between the dark clouds that threaten to wet my washing, through the window all looks well as the sun shines but step outside and you instantly feel the chilly wind.

These pictures are showing our village in both directions from our front door, you can see that the sun is shining but the storm clouds are gathering as if someone somewhere has turned on the angry button.
The local farmers are struggling since all the rain last month, the fields are still very boggy and it is impossible to get a tractor onto them, one farmer has a JCB digging trenches and he seems to be laying pipes for drainage, a lot of them lost their corn crops last year due to it being to soggy. I really feel for them.

I bought a clematis a couple of weeks ago but it has been too cold to put it out so far, trouble is it is growing so quickly indoors I might have to chance it outside as we will be away from Friday for two weeks.

It was just up to the label when I bought it now it is at least a foot higher.
The birds are making a lot of noise outside - they live in next doors big hedge, the sparrow hawk thinks it is his own personal restaurant and sits on our washing line waiting for one to come out and I am sorry to say he has managed to get a couple of them, I haven't been quick enough to get a photo yet.
They are stealing all my ornamental grasses to build their nests so the cold weather won't stop reproduction.

Well we live in hope that there will be a Summer this year. c'est la vie

Let me know what the weather is like where you are please


  1. Sun is out here in the north too - at last! Rushing to get seeds planted and garden in order - the poor farmers are suffering horribly and we're just hoping that summer will help them this year unlike last...

  2. We've had a couple of warm days finally. Love your dramatic sky photos and hope it warms up there soon. Thanks for playing along. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  3. Hope you got the climatis in the ground; it's planting season here in L.A. as well. We have a 'garden' apartment so I am limited to potted plants on our front porch and patio AND I have a black thumb so it's not particularly impressive. I've just planted some impatiens and lubelia; I'll be thrilled when the lubelia starts trailing over the side of the pots.
    Weatherwise they say Los Angeles has a meditterranean climate; it's a sunny 73 degrees this morning which seems just perfect to me. Have a great week!

  4. Thank you Sim for letting me know it is 73 in L A :) good for you, Paulita we have the balckest sky at the moment but are preaying for warmer weather, Janine, I hope the farmers get a better summer otherwise our veg is going to be sky high, x

  5. I feel your pain! We just returned from southern US after 4 months of sunshine and blue skies to Toronto where spring is trying to spring!!

  6. jackie, I am thinking that February was the best month so far this year.

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