Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Our French Life - When!!

Our French Life - When!!

I was asked today when did my love of France first start, I had to think for a moment but then realised it was easy, 20 years or so ago there was a special offer in one of the National papers - Sail to France for £1 so we looked into it and I think in reality for a car and 4 passengers it was about £19 all told, so we suggested it to a couple of friends who were up for it and booked a long weekend.

I remember telling my Mother who was totally against all things French (no idea why) other than my family name was French, maybe there was some long ago dark secret that I have yet to find out about,who know's but this dislike of all things French had sort of rubbed off on me so my expectations were quite low.

We set sail on an overnight Ferry and found we had a cabin in the bowels of this massive boat which I did not like at all as it was just after the Zebrugge disaster so would have been 1988 ish and I never slept a wink all night, looking constantly to see if the water was coming under the door (I am still a bit like that now). it was a very long night.

We docked at Cherbourg and waited what seemed like ages to get off the boat, then when we did something magical happened, I was walking around in silence, something John was not used to, he asked was I alright several times and eventually I said "something happened to me when I stepped onto French soil - it feels like I have come home" this is where I feel I belong, John thought I had completely lost it but that feeling has never gone away and I knew from that day that France was supposed to be my home and that I had to make it so no matter what,they say your real roots tug at you like a magnet, maybe this is where my roots originated, needless to say my Mother was not amused but slowly I whittled away at the project that was -> how to get to France <- it wasn't until after she passed away that I really set to work on finding our home and by 2001 we had found it and bought it, spending every holiday possible here making it more and more comfortable, moving here full time in 2009, It is the best move we have ever made, it wasn't always plain sailing (Pardon the pun) and if you are thinking of doing the same there will be a lot of planning to get it right but if it is meant to be it will happen, never ever give up on your dream.

For all my Francophile readers out there:Please tell me when and why you fell in love with France and if you haven't already done so why not join this blog, it is just one step closer. :)


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  2. WOW! as soon I read your description on how you knew that France was your place I felt identified! My story was very interesting, I do have French blood as well but I was borne in Venezuela, South America. I moved to the United States and got married here, for work related reasons we had to moved to France on Sept 2009, my daughter was small and all the changes were very scary to me, I didn't want to go, We did! and as you as soon I walked on French soil I started to smell a familiar smell, something like I knew it, like I was there before (my husband was shocked by my reaction) I touched the soil and I was so impressed that is hard for me to put it in words, my heart started to beat faster...we lived there for a year in Brittany (Baden), when we left back to the States I had the feeling that I was leaving a piece of me there, til today I cannot rest in peace, I feel that I belong there, that I need to go back for whatever reason it is!!! good for you that you are living your dream...congrats!!!

  3. Hi Yvette, lovely to hear your story, I must admit I haven't written on my blog since I retired in April and have no need to constantly be on the internet but your comment has got me a little motivated and felt I just had to reply to you, as you say you feel that you need to go back, that is how we felt when we were in England, we were lost souls and now feel whole, just one thing that is marring it a little and that is we don't speak the langusge and dearly wish we did, I would love to keep in touch with you, let me have your email and we can communicate. Roz x


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