Friday, 1 February 2013

Whats for tea?


Well it has been a pretty awful day weather wise as it has continually thrown down the wet stuff, everywhere looks so dank and dismal or dink and dasmil as John calls it, his favourite saying is "I don't do rain" and who could blame him. as I gaze out of the window thinking fondly of what I will plant in my raised beds this year as soon as it gets a little warmer, musing through my mind that there are certain things I won't bother with this year, a voice in the background says "what's for tea" as if reading my mind, food had just popped into my mind, I think it must be the bad weather and comfort food that does it.
I say "good question", well a few months ago I decided that I would get organised and so I have a house management book and in there is a monthly menu plan also a freezer inventory so we have a look at what is in the freezer that would make a lovely tasty gourmet meal, mmm quite a bit as it happens but I am decidedly not in a gourmet mood, so we opt for a fish pie from Lidl (they are extremely good and just enough for two) and some potatoes and onion rosti with stir fry veg, quick and easy, well it is Friday, I have the new Halogen cooker so it all goes in there and will be done in no time, all that will need doing is opening a bottle. must remember to cross off the fish pie from the freezer list.
John had to go to the bank this morning as a couple of weeks ago I cancelled my bank card as I didn't use it and we are charged for them here, but when I went online to do some banking I realised my name had been taken off the account, tut, so off John trundles to see Karen at the bank (she speaks good English) and tells her what has happened, she investigates and says, no my name is still on the account, John says, but not online, she takes a look and realises that it isn't but assures John it is not a problem it is still a joint account.

We have been told about a Bricoman in Laval that is very much like B&Q so we are going to investigate it tomorrow, maybe they will have some decent priced double glazed windows, we are hoping to replace all of the windows but finding the right size is proving difficult, of course as always I will want to have a good look round and no doubt will come home with lots of goodies that will come in handy.

So have a good weekend everyone and we will see you next week. :-)

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