Monday, 4 February 2013

Best laid plans!

We were looking forward to a slow easy Sunday.

But it wasn't to be, it started off really well and I got all the Sunday lunch in the halogen cooker in record time
This little beauty is my all at the moment, it cooks everything all in one go and never dries anything out or over cooks it, this time it had roast potatoes, a joint of pork and the stuffing all going at the same time, the pork was cooked to perfection, you can do the veg also but I prefer to do it in the conventional way. the upshot is, it cooks french steak to perfection too.
I put a wash into the washing machine and we sat down to a wonderful Sunday Lunch. as I returned with empty plates I suddenly realised I was splashing in water, yes you have guessed the washing machine had done it's worst, my mind is thinking blast it we now have to fork out for a new washing machine.

by now John has taken every bit off the washing machine that would possibly come off but for the life of him couldn't find a leak so John said "put it on again and lets see where it is coming from" so I did, within a few minutes John was shouting "switch it off" needless to say it wasn't the machine but the s bendy thing, the outlet for the washer, he took it all off and re-did all the connections and we try again, no it is still leaking, so now John has gone off to town to get a new one. and I still haven't finished the washing.

But I have taken a picture of some of my plants I had for my birthday and a plant we got from some French friends just to cheer me up.

Never plan to have an easy day
Always have a plan B


  1. It's never good when your bendy thing leaks! lol

  2. Indeed it isn't Mazz, most annoying but I believe there are many cures for it :-) all of which cost money of course.


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