Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Le Printemps

Has Spring Sprung?

It certainly feels like it today, the sun is shining, the garden is absolutely full of birds of all shapes and sizes, even the sparrow hawk payed us a visit but he was unlucky today, I fear he had to go and look elsewhere for lunch, the bulbs are up by about 6 inches and the crocus are out in full bloom, it is a very welcome sight and my mind is definitely thinking of what we will grow in the summer, as I have said before on here the veggies are going to be dear this year so I will be growing anything I can and definitely putting the vertical garden to good use.

This was a pot I planted up last year, it was a mixed pack of spring bulbs from Noz (pronounced nose) which explains why when I spell my name (Roz) they call me Rose!

And this is last years crocus, it is always a small miracle how things can stay in the ground then know exactly when to grow, it is of course what makes life interesting.
It really feels as if this year is going to be a good one, lets keep our fingers crossed.

The problem with Varnish.
Please has anyone in France had the same problem as us, we bought from M Bricolage some chien Rustique varnish but before we could finish the job they changed to La Maison, and when we bought the next tin it was a totally different colour, as shown below, there is a very big difference.

Admittedly the original colour on the right was two coats but I think even if we did 4 coats it still would not be the same colour, not to worry it will get used for another project, we now have to start the search for something to match as it goes with the stairs, but if anyone has any ideas we would appreciate them.

Tip: always buy enough of anything in one go as things change dramatically here

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