Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Radiator

Back up system 

We love our wood burner and have been topping up cold corners with the Chauffe petrole but we are now thinking ahead to our very old age when perhaps we would not be capable of lugging wood into the house let alone cutting it with a chain saw and stacking it so we are slowly fitting the oil filled radiators around the house and of course trying them out.
Everyone says that electricity is expensive but when you way up the cost of wood, approx 180€ a cord and petrole at 26€ for 20ltrs I reckon the electricity would work out cheaper.

So here is the living room radiator fitted by Johns own fair hand.

It has an economy button but we haven't figured out how to use it yet, it is amazing that the instructions are in Arabic but not in English and of course French. anyway our living room is a fair size and it heats it adequately, I am a good guide as I feel the cold enormously and if it didn't work I would know.I have to say though since we insulated that roof space we have been 100% warmer in the house.
  1.  Always have a back up system or plan B
  2. Always insulate to the hilt

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