Monday, 28 January 2013

Chickens in Winter

Well I have often wondered about chickens in the winter and my question is, should they be out in all weathers, I mean when it is snowing etc:

Gold brahma hens in winter 
These guys look happy enough and hopefully they will go in at night.
I guess if they have a house to go into when they want with enough straw or similar to keep them warm then it is not too bad, assuming they are intelligent enough to know when it is cold and to get inside.
I do know that they won't be laying this time of year under normal circumstances but they still need to be kept healthy in preparation for when they do.
Any information on this would be appreciated..

Today could have started better for is my birthday but no coffee in bed for me today as you might think but an early start with no coffee or breakfast to get to the laboratoire for a blood test (analyse de sang in french), my 3 monthly test for my diabetes, I had developed an infection urinaire (I know, too much information) in England I could have gone to the local chemist and got something for it but on Saturday I trundled off to the Pharmacie to get such a thing but was told in no uncertain terms non! you must visit your Doctor, now I know before I go and see him I must have the blood test or he will not be pleased so we dash to the laboratoire to get it done, the receptionist was just booking me in when I realise I have eaten so it is a no no, hence the trip there on my Birthday, she remembered me and said with a smile on her face ""now you haven't eaten this morning have you""
The good thing here is I don't need an appointment for either the blood test or the Doctor, I just turn up when it suits me (but be prepared to wait your turn) I will have the results in the post and received by Wednesday with a copy sent to my Doctor also, so I guess it is off to the Doc's on Wednesday for me. such glee>>

let me know your thoughts on the chickens please :-)



I am always happy to read your comments and I will try to answer you all x