Monday, 21 January 2013

Second Coming

The Meteo last night said it was going to rain overnight but when I awoke this morning I realised the vehicles driving past were travelling really slowly, I eventually decided to venture to the bathroom thinking it is very light this morning, I tried to peer out of the window but it is frosted so couldn't see anything, on my return to the bedroom I went to the window and there it was in all it's glory - SNOW - and quite a bit of it, I have no idea what time it arrived but it doesn't look much like it is leaving anytime soon and the sky looks as if there is still plenty up there to flurry down, I am thinking quietly to myself how lucky I am to not have to travel to work in this like those we see in Paris on the TV (they have had a lot of snow) I haven't taken anymore photos as they would be exactly the same as previous ones ( once you have seen a snow scene once you have seen them all) but it is quite beautiful to look at.
We remain very cosy in our house with our petrole fires and wood burner, admittedly there are some areas of the house which remain cold for instance the stairs but we are only on them en route to the bathroom and feel it doesn't warrant being heated all the time, John has decided today that it is too cold in the roof space to be doing any work up there so now he is loitering not knowing what to do, give me a few minutes and I will find him something....there are always little finishing off bits which tend to get left when John does something not that I am being critical well not much..

I think I will make some soup for lunch (home made with all the bits of veg lurking in the fridge) it always warms us up, we call it the vegetable thingy, John doesn't ask whats in it for fear I might tell him :-)

The birds are very thankful of the food we put out for them, when I first looked out I could see bird footprints in the snow followed by a paw mark so I am hoping that the cat did not get the bird, we very often see the sparrow hawk swoop down to try to catch a bird and he has been successful on a couple of occasions but it is a fight for survival, it must be really cold as the crows are coming into the garden looking for food but they can't get onto the bird table, I know they have to eat too but I don't like them.


At last the local farmer has seen sense and opened up the big barn and the old grey mare or dobbin as I call her is in there with loads of hay, she looks so cosy and I am more than pleased that she is inside and warm where she should be.

Well I had better get on if I am to make this soup.

A Bientot  et garder au chaud

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