Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Milder days

January seems to be a very long Month probably because it includes my birthday which needless to say is at the latter part of the month..Birthdays always seem a long time coming (like Christmas) "John says" as his birthday is Christmas day, difficult for him as he really loses out on it and difficult for me as I always have to get him double pressies.

Well at least the snow has gone for now but it is raining and everywhere seems so soggy even the birds don't seem to be feeding so ferociously as they were when it was cold and white, The blue tits continue to hit the dining room window and stun themselves for a second before dusting themselves off and flying away wondering what the hell hit them, I guess they can see the reflection in the glass of the garden and think they can fly through, maybe I should put a sign up "No birds beyond this window".

We drove past Dobbin yesterday and it is so comforting to see her snuggled up in her new barn, she looks so happy, sadly I didn't have my camera with me but I will try and get a photo of her for you all, she looks so much better than when she was just stood in a cold field, we could go past a couple of hours later and she would still be in the same place just staring, I had got quite worried about her..But she is fine now thankfully.

John is in the roof space putting the metal studding in ready for plaster boarding, we are making it into a guest bedroom and I must say it is much warmer down here since John has insulated it, at the far end there will be a storeroom and a walk in wardrobe, then the bedroom part in the middle which is going to be quite small due to the roof slant and beams but I keep telling myself it is only a bedroom and we spend most of the time lying down, then at the near end there will be a bathroom, the beams are such that we couldn't make it one bigger room so had to break it up into three.

This is the roof space with just flooring down, I will get an updated one for tomorrow.

Ok finally I would like to hear from any or all of my readers as to what hobbies they like doing, especially if any of you are crafters. and can any of you speak French?

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