Friday, 18 January 2013

Chilly Breeze

Well everyone,

If you haven't got snow you must be in the tropics somewhere, it seems to be laying a blanket over most of Europe and the wind is very chilly, The Meteo says it is going to turn to rain later which inevitably means slush, very messy stuff, the good news for us is that the village is pretty much traffic free as they have stopped lorries coming through and what cars there are have to travel very slowly due to it being very slippy.
John managed to get to the Tabac to get the lottery ticket, we are hoping for some luck with it as we had a black cat in the garden yesterday which we have never seen before so here's hoping....

here are some pics of the snow covered village

Our House on directly on the right with green shutter

This is the restaurant opposite

The car park nearby

looking down to the pharmacie

Looking towards the post office and church

Looking towards our house on the right way into the distance
Looking towards the bank on left  and Gendarmerie on right

 Well folks I will sign off for now and might not be back until Monday, going out to play in the snow
Note to self "must get a dog"


  1. It has just now begun to snow here in the Loir-et-Cher Saint-Aignan. Hope you enjoy your slippery weekend.

  2. Thank you Ken, I think there is only one thing to do when the weather is like this, light the log burner and cook a wonderful meal to be eaten with copius glasses of wine..hope it doesn't snow too much for you there


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