Thursday, 6 September 2012

September already

Well it has been so long since I wrote on here that I thought I might start it up again,.
life in St Aignan Sur Roe is very good and the summer has really dug in it's heals now, we are hoping that it is going to go on for a long time, well into the Autumn.

John has made all the raised beds now, primarily they were to help my back but they have turned out to be benificial in so many other ways, they keep everything well watered and stay warmer for longer ( thus making the growing season longer.

We have also started growing veg vertically ( saving on space and stopping the dreaded slugs.)

This is such a good idea and it saves water, you put water in a bottle at the top and it drips through all the pots then into a tub at the bottom which goes back into the top.

Well watch this space for more garden news and anything else that goes on in this lovely place...

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