Thursday, 4 August 2011

The long wait is over


John called the mechanic on Monday and yippee he said the part was in we were in total shock after him saying so many times no not here yet... we have now put him on to another place (English) in the South of France who guarantee delivery of any part for any car in 3 days so hopefully we won't have to wait so long in future.... anyway that was finished yesterday and today John has been to the MOT station and they have now given us our certificate ( for another 10€ ) but we are now fully legal again for another 2 years.

Tonight is the first day of the three day event that is Etincelles Aquatiques in a lovely little place called Martigné Ferchaud and guess what it is raining, it is a real spectacle with all sorts of artistry and dressing up, mime shows and a wonderful firework display all around the big lake it really is lovely....The French love a party or a chance to show off and we love to watch thankfully.

Our friends Carol & Neil are over for a holiday in their house in the village and today is Carols birthday, she won't say how old - keeping that close to her chest - so we are going to help her celebrate tonight with a few bottles of the red stuff...

I made two new friends today online on a website called Survive France sadly they live either in the south or west of France so not near here, we are destined to be online friends only but you never know when I have retired proper we may take a hike to see them.

Well folks thats all for today...will be back soon

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