Monday, 10 September 2012

I love butterflies BUT!!

Bonjour a tous

I had planted some Sprouts and some sort of Cabbage that I have no idea what they are and I realised that the butterflies like them enormously as do the pigeons so John has built a lovely framework around them.

This will stop the cabbage butterfly and the pigeons having a feast but it still allows rain and sun to get in, the framework was from an old plastic greenhouse that we no longer use, it fits the raised beds just right.

Here are the orange tomatoes that survived the potato blight, we are just waiting for the sun to ripen them and they will be slow roasted with garlic and thyme with a splash of olive oil and blended to make tomato sauce for the winter and frozen. Also in the background you can see the new padded seat we bought from a vide grenier for 1€ and it just fits.

And these are my serpent squash, it is the first time I had grown them and they are very slow to produce, we are just hoping that there is going to be enough summer left for them to produce some fruit, I will post pictures if they come to fruition.
We need just a little rain but you have to be careful what you wish for as when it starts it doesn't stop.

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