Friday, 21 September 2012

OMG What was that

House Centipede,

While sat watching Tele last night, John had got up to make a cup of tea when I heard him say "Oh my God, what was that" I got up to look and saw this very large creamy coloured thing that could move faster than Roger Bannister shoot passed me, John got a glass and he finally trapped it, by this time my heart was racing (I don't like creepy Crowley's) after we looked at it exclaiming over and over "What the hell is it" we took it out into the night and threw it as far as we could..sadly I was in too much of an hysterical state to think about taking a photo but here is what it looked like (picture courtesy of someone calmer than me)

And I kid you not it was about an inch and a half long, needless to say I didn't sleep very well, I will be spending the whole day in search of any friends he might have with the trusty bleach (Le Javal)

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