Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Seat

The seat that John made out of a pallet has had a couple of coats of stain:

 Do you think it is better now

And doesn't it look lovely, I can tell you it is a very welcome place when I am gardening and I need a sit down (which is often these days, it is in the shade in the afternoon so just right for a cup of tea and a ponder.

The small roses are still flowering, there must have been about 100 flowers this year, they started flowering in April and have been going consistantly ever since, even in the drought.

This is my home made scarey Mary that I made from a tin foil plate and some straws, it works wonderfully to keep the birds away from seedlings, I think it is the eyes/

Bakewell tart, Yummy, we will have this tonight for puddingwith some custard

And a few lemony little cakes just to use up the lemon juice to have with a cuppa, anyone want to pop round, kettles on.

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