Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Lucky to be alive

Well, in the process of John renovating the roof space into a bedroom he yesterday decided to stain and treat the beams that were going to be exposed, sadly his French reading (or any French for that matter) is not too good and he used the treatment that should be used only outdoors, after about 15 minutes I who was sat downstairs at the computer realised that I couldn't breath very well and my eyes were watering. I swiftly went up to tell John only to find him in the same state, he had by now also realised his mistake and was opening windows and doors frantically, sadly the only window in the roof space is a velux and it was raining so we couldn't leave it open, anyway we went to our Franglais class for two hours and on our return opened the door and the fumes were overwhelming, we went to bed with the window wide open all night, today it is a bit better but it is going to take a while to get rid of it completely, I think we have had a lucky escape..
No photo's I am afraid.
But there was a beautiful rainbow this morning :


I tried to get them to line up but sadly they wouldn't..

Last night as previously mentioned we went to our Franglais evening where we have good French and English conversation, we were only a small team last night but we still had fun.

The nutter in the front is Sandrine she is young and full of fun

from left to right - Sandrine, Robin, Frédéric, Helena, Isabelle, and Wendy
of course I am taking the photo and John as always is staying well out of the way.

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