Monday, 1 October 2012

Amazing what you see

Saturday on route to do our weekly shop we came across the first of Le Chase (The hunt) it was the first time we had seen it done on horseback, normally the hunters are on foot, they were done up in all their finery, I yelled for John to turn round as soon as he could which was some distance on as there was nowhere to turn, by the time we got back the hunters and hounds had galloped off into the forest leaving this one solitary rider who was happy for me to take a picture.

He had a large horn draped around him so he was the chap who was there to warn of oncoming cars or warn us of impending hounds and deer I am never quite sure which way round it is, this area is literally by the roadside, obviously the forest was there first and the road went straight through it.(when I say road it is a country lane I guess)
We heard gunshots all day so I am guessing a few deer were bagged.
Sunday morning we went to Bais to a Vide Grenier ( French car boot ) sometimes you can buy a bargain but lately it is children's clothes and toys, for us it is really a chance to get out and get some exercise, Bais is a pretty village although when there are 200 stalls there you can't really see it, but the church there has a lovely two door entrance, which isn't the main entrance, we haven't figured out why, there are plaques one on each door but of course they are in latin so couldn't read them...

 This is the beautiful domed ceiling

Here you can see the big dome better

Here I have tried to capture the stone carvings which were so intricate

Sunday on to the vide Grenier (Which literally means empty attic, we had gone out dressed for the cold but it turned out so warm we ended up stripping off a little, it felt like the summer had returned. There was the usual (Obligatory) bar set up in the center where all the men were sipping on a beer or wine while their wives looked around the stalls. and of course there was the most important part of any French get together  the food tent with sausages on the BBQ and frites (Fries or chips) depending where you are from, there is always a wonderful smell of food at these occasions which makes you want to buy and eat whether you are hungry or not, I would liken it to the smell of fish and chips in England.

This is the centre with a fountain in the centre, it was switched off for the occasion, in the background to the left of the fountain and under the yellow parasol is the afore mentioned bar, to the right of the fountain is the beautiful Marie (Mayors office) I was going to get a closer picture but my camera said it was sadly couldn't, note to self        "get a memory card for camera"

This was the second half of it which went on as far as the eye could see.
The French were doing a lot of buying of toys and children's clothes ready for Christmas I am thinking, they are well into recycling as a lot of them are out of work here, being so rural there is farming or your own business and nothing much else.
Tout a l'heure

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