Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Tyre Saga - Oh la la

Well we waited and waited for the new tyres to turn up - Monday came and went although the tracker for TNT said they were out for delivery they did not turn up, then Tuesday morning I checked it and it said " NOT DELIVERED Address INCORRECT - shock horror.
I quickly double checked the address and it was correct so I contacted the company in England who then got onto the company in the Netherlands who then started to track it themselves ( I really don't think they had a clue where they were but were keeping us happy by pretending) .
I then heard a van pull up and he rang the door bell, yes it was our tyres, I asked what happened yesterday? the driver said he had come but there was not a house number and it being Monday (everything closes on a Monday) he couldn't ask at the local bar or the Mairee so went back to the depot, he apologised and went on his merry way, I guess we can't complain we did get 4 tyres that were worth twice as much due to a fau pas on their part...

So we called the Mechanic who was also waiting for a part to put the car completely right for the Controle Technique (MOT) who said he had waited like us only to find the company he had ordered from had refunded him, he called them and they said well we didn't have it in stock, logical I guess, so now we are still waiting for the part from another source, the good thing is we have 2 months to put everything right, the bad news is France closes for August so in reality we only have 2 weeks....So still we wait

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