Sunday 2 April 2017

Our French Life - Sunday Roast

Hello Dear Reader,

Today is Sunday, our day of rest, I so look forward to my Sunday roast whatever meat it is, today we are having beef roast with Yorkshire puddings, this is not something we have very often as the beef here is very expensive if you want a nice tender joint but this time of year you will find some fairly cheap pieces as they are using the milk cows (they do this in UK too but don't always tell you and let me tell you there is nothing wrong with it in fact I find it a bit more tender than the usual Charolais beef.

Also the smell of Sunday dinner transports me back in time to when I was a young girl living in the rural English countryside, We always had to go to Sunday school, something I think is missing these days, my Granny was a staunch Christian (her words) but she never went to church in fact we used to go to a Methodist Chapel for our religious education, we had little envelopes that just fitted the few pennies that were destined for the collection box, I always used to think what I could buy with the money that was in there, something pretty for my Mum, ah well I would pick her some bluebells this time of year to sit in a jar on the table when we sat down for our lunch,   as we were walking home we used to play a game of who could smell the dinner first, of course it would depend on where Sunday lunch was being cooked (our house or Granny's which was about 10 houses further up the lane) but I swear we could smell it a good half a mile away, There was always plenty as we had an uncle with a farm and Dad and Grampy always grew their own veg in vast amounts, the garden was very large both front and back, proper family homes not like the little boxes that people call home these days,   when I was very young about 3 I would say I would help myself to peas straight from the pod and strawberry's etc, my Granny once put my reins on me and attached it to the washing line, I could walk the length of the garden but couldn't go either side to eat the produce.
Sorry as usual I was so eager to eat my sunday lunch I forgot to take a picture except for the after effect of an empty plate.

Over to you, what are your sundays like? I wonder what the french have for sunday lunch.