Friday, 31 March 2017

Our French Life - I am back

Hello Dear Reader,

It is some time since I blogged and there have been many reasons why which I won't bore you with, the most important thing is I am back.

The kitchen beckoned this morning as a hearty home made soup was the order of the day, I must always make the soup as I am diabetic and can't have the over processed bought ones, for one reason or another my blood glucose has spiralled out of control, I don't normally talk about this but I have to lose a great amount of weight and it is only going to help me to do so if I own it and put it out there so,.. here it is, I chopped and boiled and stirred the cauldron (John's name for it) and I have to say it was delicious and very filling and satisfying,.. I also made some hummus to have as a snack and popped a chicken in the slow cooker for dinner.

once the soup had been slurped  I sat in the garden for the first time this year drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the beautiful song of the birds, busying about their business, scratching about for the opportunity of a little bug or at best a worm, I espied a garden warbler and probably the very one that had been serenading me a few moments earlier, an energy came upon me that made me realise that the veil of winter had lifted to reveal new life all round me, I could almost feel and yes hear the buds bursting into flower on my Lilac tree, I absolutely love the heady smell of the lilac tree, It was at this moment that I knew it was time to shake off the cobwebs and get down to some serious gardening,    there were the geraniums in the storeroom that I had so very carefully wrapped in newspaper in late autumn and popped into a cosy box in the hope that they would survive, although they look dead as long as when you cut them you can see green they should burst into life once they receive soil and water, bit like us really...... Our Olive trees (plants in tubs really) need re potting, we have got the new pots and new compost for this job, it is amazing how better you feel for the drenching of sun on your person, I feel so energised and inspired.

It is all a clear sign that Summer is well and truly just around the corner and I for one will embrace it full on.

What are you guys doing in the garden?

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