Monday, 6 February 2017

Our life in France - Little Betsy is broken.

Hello Dear Readers,

I could blog today about all the silly things that were challenges at the weekend but I don't want to burden you with my woe's,   Our little baby car is broken but hopefully we can fix her, she is a wonderful little Rover Cabriolet whose little engine purrs as we tootle along in the summer sunshine, roof down, the wind in our hair, sometimes we have a cd playing that we sing along to, old songs that we know the words to, maybe a little country and western we tap our feet to, we tootle off to places new and sometimes take a picnic, oh how I dream of those lovely hot sultry days of summer.
I always wear a large brimmed sun hat when we have the roof down and I once said to John, ''do you think people think I am a film star" and he said yes Lassie.
So I now need to concentrate on happy things. like this wonderful toad in the hole we had for tea, yumsy x

We bumped into a couple today when doing some shopping who have bought a house in the next village to us, I had picked up a small pocket torch and the man of the couple said " you can get that for a pound in England" I remember when we first came here to live full time we used to compare prices and feel appalled at how much things cost but I guess after 8 years we accept it now, so I answered but we are not in England we are in France and that is what it costs here. and yet another couple who voted to leave the EU, it beggers belief, I struggle to understand the logic.

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  1. I am having a few problems with comments I know I am getting them but they are not showing on here, thank you if you have commented and if you could send it again it would be great and I hope to sort it soon x

  2. Oh my, Roz! You do have a talent for creating the most alarming headlines! I saw that "little Betsy" was broken, scrolled down quickly to the toad-in-the-hole (which, let's be candid, may be a national treasure, but looks for all the world like something out of "Alien") and I had the unsettling feeling that some relative or animal companion had met a sad end indeed. Rather glad to know it's just the car, and that she can probably be fixed. No doubt that will be a pocket full of euros though. Love your reminiscences of riding in Betsy with your big brimmed hat on the way to picnic. Those days will be here soon again! Be well.

  3. Thànk you Kiwi, at least it is good to know that my headings are getting attention, yes John is working on little Betsy as we speak, she is an old car so hopefully she will be mended x

  4. Thank you Jeanie and Maggie for your comments, they are coming through on email but not appearing on here, hoping to sort it soon. X


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