Sunday, 1 January 2017

Winter Proper - A Winter Wonderland

Hello dear readers,

Winter has hit us with a bang and we have what is called a Hoar Frost, this is a frost on steroids where crystalline frost forms on vegetation and forms beautiful shards of ice and icicles  to make such a beauty of nature, I could look at it all day, as we drove to do some shopping it was like being in a proper winter wonderland, pure white for as far as you could see and oh so magical as if nature was preserving the old year in time and dressing it perfectly to welcome the new dawn,

This was our red robin shrubs with just a touch of frost all around the edges of the leaves,


In the cloud-grey mornings
I heard the herons flying;
And when I came into my garden,
My silken outer-garment
Trailed over withered leaves.
A dried leaf crumbles at a touch,
But I have seen many Autumns
With herons blowing like smoke
Across the sky.

The little chapel is just out of the back of our garden


This is to the side of the chapel where the village children play, it was too cold for the today

This is our tap outside which had been drained, I do hope it will be ok,

I haven't seen icicles for a few years,

Where does the poor spider go when this happens, maybe he is very hardy and can walk on ice

Last summers flower heads, left on to protect the plant from such cold but given a last blast of beauty,

This ornamental grass frozen in time, will it ever be able to get back to its glory ever again, Nature is such a beautiful thing but I think so much more so in the rural countryside.

Cobwebs on the gazebo made even more beautiful, the crystals allow you to see how amazing they are.

Well dear readers it is the end of 2016 and I have opened the back door to let it go and opened the front door to let 2017 in, all that remains is to say

Good Health and Happiness to you all 


  1. That was beautifully written and made me think of home. Happy New Year to you and John wishing you both the best for 2017 especially good health. Love you both
    Jan and Steve xxx

  2. Thank you Jan, Happy new year to you and Steve, xxxx

  3. Thank you Moira loved your pics too x

  4. Roz, A beautiful tribute to 2017 and your photos are beautiful, especially the ice covered spider web.
    In regards to the comment you left on my blog, are you glad now that you got rid of all those old belongings and moved to France? Is the pain of purging worth the journey?
    Hope you'll join in with Dreaming of France.

  5. Lovely poem. It suits these special sculptures of nature. Thank you for taking the time to photograph them and share them. Happy New Year to you both!

  6. Paulita I must say there are one or two I wish I had kept but how do you decide,they are from a different life and will live on in your children

  7. Thanks Jenny and Kiwi I always love to get your comments

  8. Thanks for joining in with Dreaming of France today! Always enjoy your posts. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme


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