Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Year Resolutions

Hello dear readers,

We always have a trifle for any celebration and it is always made in Mum's cut glass bowl
God knows what we would do if we broke it

With A New Year comes new years resolutions, we all make them and we all break them, some sooner than others, I guess there are some people who make them and see them through to the end successfully, sadly I am not one of them.
So with the new year upon us, do the French make them too, the answer is yes....
(Les bonnes resolution du nouvel an).
My neighbour says it is always to lose weight well if you could see her she is so slim, tiny in fact and I tell her "you don't need to lose weight" and she replies " that's because I am constantly on a diet" or Regime as they call it here.
The other one or two are to give up smoking or drinking alcohol, have you noticed these are all the things we love, perhaps not the smoking we gave that up 34 years ago but we do like a drink and we love our food, Well I got to thinking there must be an easier way to do this resolution thing, when you really think about it you don't have to give something up completely, right...why not learn a new language, in my case improve my French so that my poor friend and neighbour Jossette doesn't have to struggle so much with understanding me, you could cut down on something rather than give it up altogether, I am all for that, I am no good with diets, the minute I say I am on one I constantly think about food and can't last longer than a week so I thought I would cut back (not cut out) the snacks between meals and perhaps change some of the snacks for healthier options like fruit, yes that sounds good.
I won't make so many Trifles therefore I won't end up like this ♧

Please let me know what you are doing for your New Years resolutions. ♡

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  1. To be honest. I have given up making New Years resolutions. Too much pressure! Lol. I agree cutting back is less pressure and you can stop the cravings and having that feeling of failure. So Cheers (I know I'll never give up my wine) and A Happy New Year to you and John. Love Jan. Xx

  2. Jan we will never give up wine either, Happy new year to you all xxx


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